36caracteres is an audiovisual translation (AVT) company specialized in subtitling for cinema and television, surtitling for theatre and opera and other related services such as audiovisual accessibility, translation, postproduction and subtitling project management.

It is made up of a group of subtitling specialists who have amassed extensive experience.

Since its establishment in 2004, 36caracteres has been constantly developing, participating in multiple national and international projects. We work for large distributors, cultural institutions, televisions, festivals, the most renowned theatre companies in the world and also for small producers and independent filmmakers.

The main features of our work are:

  • Multilingual subtitling: we work with translators with multiple linguistic combinations specialized in subtitling, in many cases trained by us, who follow the company’s own style standards which ensures rigor and consistency in all our work.
  • Computer tools: we use professional subtitling softwares, which allows us to offer professional quality in our subtitles.
  • R&D: in 36caracteres we are in a constant process of research and development of innovative technical tools that will allow us to offer new services or a better quality in already existing ones. These developments range from custom-made computer applications for certain work processes, to technical systems for live subtitling and surtitling using video projection and LED screens.
  • Audiovisual accessibility: film subtitling and theatre surtitling, along with audio description offers the visually and hearing impaired access to entertainment, information and culture. 36caracteres offers specific accessible captioning (SDH) and audio description services.
  • Postproduction: with the aim of giving our clients an overall service, 36caracteres offers subtitling-related postproduction services which include the creation of digital cinema packages (DCP), DVD and Blu-ray authoring, subtitle insertion on multiple formats, etc.
  • Training and academic sphere: 36caracteres collaborates with universities, training centres and researchers participating in the training of subtitlers, giving lectures and presentations and collaborating in academic research.
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