Theatre and opera surtitling

Image of the spectacle The Suit

Surtitling of ‘The Suit’, directed by Peter Brook

Translation of the script or libretto, installation of our live surtitling system and projection of surtitles for theatre and operas.

  • 36caracteres is leader in surtitling services for theater and opera.
  • Surtitling systems using video projection and LED screens. We provide the whole service, rental for temporary or permanent installations and system sales.
  • We adapt the literary characteristics of each work with a meticulous stylistic adaptation.
  • Live projection during performances by operators and musicians trained by the company and with wide experience.
  • We guarantee a comfortable reading speed for spectators and perfect synchrony.
Image of the spectacle Macbeth

Theatre surtitling of ‘Macbeth’, by Shakespeare, directed by Declan Donellan

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